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2021 Reach Assessments - Science

2021 Reach Assessments - Science

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Skill Areas

Students are assessed across the key scientific areas of:

  • Observing and measuring: noting features of objects and phenomena, making measurements
  • Interpreting: interpreting data in diagrams, tables and graphs
  • Predicting and concluding: inferring information from various types of data, making predictions
  • Investigating: experimental design, use of controls and notion of ‘fair test’
  • Reasoning and problem solving: identifying causes and relationships, finding solutions


The tests cover content on:

  • Earth and Beyond (incorporating Earth Sciences and Astronomy)
  • Energy and Change (incorporating Physics)
  • Life and Living (incorporating Biology and Ecology)
  • Natural and Processed Materials (incorporating Chemistry).

Information that the students need to respond to the question is provided in the stimulus material. Some knowledge appropriate to the students' age is assumed.