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2021 Reach Assessments - Digital Technologies

2021 Reach Assessments - Digital Technologies

ICAS Assessments


Skill Areas

Students are assessed across the skills and knowledge areas of:

  • Databases
  • Graphics and multimedia
  • Internet use and email programs
  • Networks and other communications systems
  • Operating systems and computer hardware
  • Programming
  • Spreadsheets
  • Word processing.


The tests cover content on:

  • Digital systems including hardware and software, operating systems, cloud computing and data representation
  • Basic and advanced operations and formatting in word processing, use of tables, style sheets, animations and referencing
  • Presentations, integrated multimedia and data visualisation
  • Use of search engines, emails, web design, social media, online collaborative projects and the application of social and ethical protocols and practices in the use of digital technologies
  • Use of operations to maintain and manage data and databases
  • Programming principles and concepts including block-based coding, flowcharts, sequence, loops, pseudocode, algorithms and desk checking.