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2021 ICAS Assessments - Writing

2021 ICAS Assessments - Writing

ICAS Assessments


ICAS Writing

Skill Areas

Students are assessed in the following skill areas:

  • Text purpose and structure
  • Language choices that enhance the writing
  • Syntax and grammar
  • Punctuation
  • Spelling.


Two forms of writing, narrative and persuasive, are assessed in alternating years.

For persuasive writing, the task requires students to write a text that persuades, for example:

  • a review
  • an advertisement
  • a formal argument
  • an opinion piece for a newspaper
  • a campaign manifesto.

For a narrative, the task requires students to write one or two of the following aspects or stages of a narrative:

  • the beginning of a narrative
  • the complication or event in a narrative
  • a description of a setting
  • a description of a character
  • the conclusion of a narrative.