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2021 ICAS Assessments - Science

2021 ICAS Assessments - Science

ICAS Assessments


ICAS Science

Skill Areas

Students are assessed across the key scientific areas of:

  • Observing and measuring: Noting and measuring features of items and phenomena
  • Interpreting: Interpreting data in diagrams, tables and graphs
  • Predicting and concluding: Inferring information from data
  • Investigating: Experimental design, use of controls and notion of ‘fair test’
  • Reasoning and problem solving.


The tests cover content on:

  • Earth and Beyond (incorporating the Earth Sciences and Astronomy)
  • Energy and Change (incorporating Physics)
  • Life and Living (incorporating Biology and Ecology)
  • Natural and Processed Materials (incorporating Chemistry).

Information that the students need to respond to the question is provided in the stimulus. Some knowledge appropriate to the students' age is assumed.