About Reach Assessments™

Measuring progression and benchmarking

Reach Assessments are annual progression assessments which provide an external, objective benchmark of learner progress. These assessments are suitable for a wide range of abilities.

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Key Information

Subjects Reach Digital Technologies, Reach Science, Reach Spelling, Reach Writing, Reach English, Reach Mathematics
Test Sitting Period 1 official sitting week (5 days) during the year per subject​
Delivery Mode Online or Paper (Please note: Writing Papers A and B are only available in print version)
Usage 1 annual test per subject per student
School Level Primary, Secondary
Reporting Student Reports: Online School Reports: Printed summary, Online
Awards and Recognition Student Certificates: Online


Australia Pacific & International New Zealand


Subject Online Test Paper Test
Reach Digital Technologies $9.35 AUD (inc GST) $10.45 AUD (inc GST)
Reach Science $9.35 AUD (inc GST) $10.45 AUD (inc GST)
Reach Spelling Bee $12.65 AUD (inc GST) $13.75 AUD (inc GST)
Reach Writing* $19.25 AUD (inc GST) $20.35 AUD (inc GST)
Reach English $9.35 AUD (inc GST) $10.45 AUD (inc GST)
Reach Mathematics $9.35 AUD (inc GST) $10.45 AUD (inc GST)

*Reach Writing Years 3 & 4 only available as paper tests.


Australia, New Zealand, Pacific and International Schools


Subject Sitting Dates Paper Closing Dates Online Closing Dates
Reach Digital Technologies

Update: Reach is no longer available in 2020

Owing to the challenges schools are facing, we have made the decision to not offer Reach Assessments in 2020.

Reach Assessments will return in 2021, providing your school community with the rich diagnostic data you have come to expect from UNSW Global Assessments.

Reach Science
Reach Writing
Reach Spelling Bee
Reach English
Reach Mathematics

UNSW Global recognises International schools that are registered with the Council of International Schools (CIS).