About ICAS

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ICAS Assessments are online* assessments, designed to recognise and reward academic excellence.

ICAS assessments assesses each student’s ability to apply classroom learning in new contexts, using higher-order thinking and problem-solving skills. Students’ efforts are recognised and rewarded through certificates and medal ceremonies for top performers, motivating students to attain greater academic success.

ICAS is now exclusively offered online* delivering highly engaging and interactive questions to students, while also simplifying test administration for schools.

To ensure an engaging and beneficial experience for all students, new ICAS assessments are developed annually for each subject in every year level.

For more information on ICAS visit our product information page http://unsw.global/icas

Sitting dates:

Subject Sitting Dates
ICAS Digital Technologies Mon 2 September Tue 3 September Wed 4 September
ICAS Science Wed 4 September Thurs 5 September Fri 6 September
ICAS Writing* Mon 9 September Tue 10 September Wed 11 September
ICAS Spelling Bee Wed 11 September Thurs 12 September Fri 13 September
ICAS English Mon 16 September Tue 17 September Wed 18 September
ICAS Mathematics Wed 18 September Thurs 19 September Fri 20 September
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